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Time of the year again!!
Table C12 with this guy :iconyoung-street: hahahaha
I have no idea if that's at the front or at the back but see you guys there! hahaha
I WILL BE THERE: D! HAHAHAHAHA with this guy :iconyoung-street: again!

SEE YOU GUYS THERE! :heart: :heart: :heart:
Ahh...I suck to ask this but...
 :iconyoung-street: and I are both looking for people who are willing to share tables at the Anime North convention this year T_T

Please Please pass along this msg if you know anyone!!

Not sure how many people here goes to CTN but I will be there this year: )!!!!!!!
Table T12!! Please come say hi (and grab a free bookmark!) so I won't be too lonely:,)

for Eiichiro Oda: (((((((((((((((((((
I'd rather him taking a long break than ending One Piece earlier....
Please please become better!!!
Hi friends: )

I think it's kind of necessary, it helps me move forward.
was there with :iconyoung-street:
..............didn't get to walk around....O_Q
But thank you so so much for stopping by to get prints/drop comments/say hi!
Thank you for making our weekend wonderful!!!

..........I was nervous lol very
Twitter is onnnnnn!!! Come join the party!
What kind of art books do you like? and where do you usually purchase them?:)

Edit: Some more questions just popped up lol
Do you read/purchase art book that is not in the language you are familiar with?
If I manage to get a table at Anime North next year. What do you expect to see from me?:)
I know this is a bit early, but since it would be my first convention that I'd ever attend outside of Taiwan. Why not get over-prepared a bit?: P

(well, so I don't freak out too much when the time comes lol)…
check out this awesomeness!!!!!!
One of my favourite stop motion short: )…
amazing amazing stuff!
cool thing for you guys
guys check out this crazy stuff…
OMG IT'S COMING NEXT WEEEKKK!!!! I'll go back to after school starts.

a short rant: arghhh can't believe I missed Kung Fu Panda II T_T My friend and I tried to watch it but most of the theatres stop playing in the early afternoon. whyyyyyyYYYYY
holy. was digging my hard drive this morning and i found some painting from 2005~2008.
I'm working on the storyboard right now....not sure if I'll really make it or notXD
We'll see.
ordered the Prince and Egypt art book and it's coming next week, sooooooooooo excited XD

and WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT Italy I'm coming!

again,… for those who might be interested in taking the commission: )

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